Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I get to Brooklyn Zoo NY?

230 Bogart Brooklyn NY 11206

Our state of the art facility is located just a few minutes walk from the L train (Grand Street). There is also plenty of parking in the area after 5 pm and on the weekends! Visit our directions page for more details.

What is Parkour?

Parkour / Freerunning is about using the everyday structures that normally direct our travel in a new way; showing that we have no limits and no boundaries. The discipline using movement was originally developed from the French military obstacles course training program. We offer a state of the art custom built parkour facility over 10,000 sq. ft

What class is recommended for someone who hasn’t taken Parkour?

We offer a variety of classes, so choosing your first discipline can be difficult. We recommend taking our King of the Jungle™ Class to introduce the practitioner to all of the art forms that we offer. Students will be able to dip their toes into all, or most, of the different structures that we have.

What other classes do you offer?

Brooklyn Zoo is world renown as a premier parkour gym. However, we also offer a broad range of classes from breakdancingtrampoline & tumblingtricking aerial silks, and more.  Please check our Class Details page for a complete list of current class offerings.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

All participants need to sign a waiver prior to participating in any class. If your child comes to the Brooklyn Zoo without a parent or guardian, please have them create an account before hand which will prompt them to fill a waiver. If not, they will not be able to participate.

Should I pre-register for classes?

We recommend pre-registering to everybody! There is limited room and no guarantee that the classes will not be sold out. Signing up for a class takes only a few moments on our Classes Page.

What is the appropriate attire for our classes?

We recommend that all participants wear workout clothes and sneakers for classes. Parkour is about being free and expressing yourself, so please wear what you feel comfortable in (just not your birthday suit)!

What is your refund policy?

We have a 24 hour refund policy.  You must cancel your class 24 hours in advance in order to get a refund.