Basic Intro To Straps

Straps are two canvas strips with hand loops sewn into the bottoms. The goal of basic straps is to begin to understand the relation of your body’s center of gravity to the apparatus, inverted body awareness & spinning theory. Straps are one of the disciplines where people can’t hide in the apparatus, so they are forced to really address proper shoulder technique. The emphasis is on basic proper shoulder alignment, engagement & injury prevention. 

Aerial Loops/ Dance Straps

Featuring similar techniques to hammock as well as traditional straps, Dance Straps allow the opportunity for the artist to not only perform wrist locked strap moves, but also fully climb in & manipulate the apparatus around their body to perform poses, drops & other skills. 

Aerial Hoop/Lyra – Balance & Spin

This class focuses on the physics & theory of balance & spinning to de-mystify the techniques behind moving through space on a spinning apparatus with minimal hand re-grips as well as the different requirements it takes to use the g-force of spinning to help execute skills that are normally done statically. As in Aikido, which uses an opponent’s inertia to complete a movement, students will learn to use the hoop as a dance partner to move through space. Emphasis will be on finding momentum & inertia to access the perfect spin, as well as back balances, fast spins & mounting the hoop at different speeds & heights. (Bringing ginger candy chews to help with dizziness is highly recommended for newbie spinners)

Photo Gallery

Our instructors:

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