About The Class

Contortion is a performance art. This class is designed to straighten and extend one’s body to become more flexible and agile.Most people know what a handstand is, but this class is designed to take the normal handstand to the next level.

Comprehensive Contortion

Intermingling the disciplines of Mongolian Contortion & Rhythmic Gymnastics, with a little inspiration from the Bene Gesserit School’s prana bindu training of Frank Herbert’s Dune; Comprehensive Contortion helps students maximize the potential of their body’s range of motion through the combination of passive, active & partner stretching, as well as addressing injury prevention & physio/rehab to strengthen & stretch bodies to their full potential.

Introductory Handbalancing Basics

Handbalancing is a commitment to finding your center & an exploration of your body’s systems as they are applied in the upside down. We will cover the basics of wrist structure strengthening, shoulder stretching & injury prevention. Finger strengthening drills & center of balance manipulation progressions will help work towards gaining inverted body awareness as well as correct & safe handstand postures to create a firm foundation for inverted floor work. 

Aerial Fabric Fundamentals (All Levels)

In an environment of YouTube aerialists this class’s focus is less on tricks & more on going back to the basics to explore the physics & theory of aerial fabric & the body’s relation to it. Using the some of the crossover skills from straps & handbalancing, we focus on inverted body awareness, grip strengthening, center of gravity manipulation & economization of energy & movement. The goal is to eventually understand how passive & dynamic load, friction & tension affect the fabric on a body & then be able to deconstruct & reverse engineer moves that you might already know as well as find out how to create new vocabulary that is specific to your body type & strengths & challenges.

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