Kids Classes

Kids Classes

All classes are 60 minutes and $40. 

4 pack of classes for $110.00 ( expires 2 months from purchase date)

Course Descriptions

Parkour Basics:

(for ages 5+)

With Coach Frantz & Ian

Parkour teaches building functional strength, coordination, and agility in a fun and creative way. The parkour basics program is accessible to all shapes, sizes, and experience levels.

Flips & Freerunning:

(for ages 10+)

With Coach Sha

Learn to flip and have fun doing it. Freerunning borrows from parkour, gymnastics, martial arts tricking, breakdance, and frankly whatever looks cool to create a personalized progression experience. Our coaches provide all the tools necessary to learn your dream skills from the ground up and make them your own.

Tramp Basics:

(for ages 5+)

With Coach Rob

With one of the only tramp walls in NYC, our standard trampoline class now comes with a unique twist. Learn all the trampoline and tramp wall basics with our coach’s safe and fun progressions.

Ninja Warrior:

(for ages 5+)

With Coach Frantz

Ninja Warrior teaches similar obstacles to the show.

King of the Jungle:

(for ages 5+)

With Coach Frantz

This class teaches students a range of skills including parkour, tumbling and trampoline.


(for ages 5+)

With Coach Will

Learn how to tumble on the spring floor with Couch Will!

Parkour Team:

With Coach Chris & Sha

The parkour team program brings a more athletic approach to our traditional parkour programing, with inspiration drawn from the training methods and techniques our coaches use to prepare for established competitions such as World Chase Tag and the Sport Parkour League’s “Skill, Speed, and Style” categories. Sportsmanship and building team dynamics are a strong focus.

Classes are held Thursday 5-6:30pm and Friday 6-7pm

Starting on October 14th 

Cost: $975.00

If you are interested in joining the parkour team please email