Price: $32

Saturdays and Sundays 

Time: 3pm-4pm,  

  • One Hour Nerf $25.00 ( 5 pack $100.00)
  • 2 Hour Nerf (special event) $32.00
  • $10.00 for an adult who can pay at the door

Nerf War

Nerf wars are a great outlet for those who deserve to unleash their competitive monsters. Make new friends, enjoy great food and earn bragging rights. This event requires you to bring your own nerf gun (BYOG). However guns will be supplied 

General Rules

In general, there are a set of rules that should always be followed when establishing parameters and guidelines:

  • Only Nerf guns may be used. No water guns or other toys.
  • Do not throw or drop guns.
  • You can loot dead soldier’s weapons and bullets, but not their custom weapons. After the battle is over, all weapons must be returned to their owners, of course.
  • No going outside of battle zones.

By following the rules of honor, safety, combat, and equipment, you can be on your way to having a smooth and fun Nerf war course

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